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Break/Beach Name : Porthmeor

Photographer : Jen Lawry - Rider : Tim Palmer - location : Porthmeor - Rating : 6

Surf Report for Porthmeor

Description :
Beach breach just north of St Ives, Pretty Consistent, but doesn't pick up swell.
Directions :
Just south of St Ives with a Car Park in front.
Direction Beach Faces :
Offshore Wind Direction :
Best Swell Direction :
South West
Quality :
Best Tide :
Location :
St Ives

Photographs of Porthmeor

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3 Day Surf and Weather Forecast for Porthmeor

Surf :
Period :
Direction :

Surf :
Period :
Direction :

Surf :
Period :
Direction :

Comments about  Porthmeor

wow that wave looks sick
Made by : alex

great beach on a nice swell really sheltard aswell. last wednesday was good!!!
Made by : ot

Every dog has its day...and on this dog's day, late May/early June with the water warming and a light S'easterly fanning the face...the mutt's off the leash!
Made by : Jack E Bo

it can be amazing in big swellz in winter but shite in summer coz of swimmers and kids
Made by : evo

oooooooooo yes amazing shimmy shifter, i got a pretty narley view through my window
Made by : chris riggot

its pretty shit but it has its days in the winter but its about minus 9000000 degrees!
Made by : jack whitefield

hey dudes this break gets narly really narly this gets heavier than Teahupaeu it is fukin amazing.
Made by : nick philips

st ives clean beach but surf is to small but can be nice and clean.
Made by : Jody Hartley

i never surf st ives i always thought it had to much sea weed
Made by : kirk taylor

Current Swells hitting this Beach

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