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Web Design in Scarborough

Custard Point 9ft Noserider
by : JamesC
Location : Lewes - South Coast
Contact : Tel: 07760750082 Email : jc@jdcasey.co.uk

Custard Point 9ft Noserider Shaped by Tim Mellors Used board that is in great shape. It has a couple of small areas of wear to the board glass, but it is watertight and a fantastic board. I am in the UK briefly, but I now live in Asia and cant take the board there, so I need to sell it. The Custard Point web site says the following about the board: The Custard Point "Ultimate noserider" is the most popular board that we have ever produced. Originally designed as a small wave competition board, to get to the next set wave and bottom turn before anyone has got anywhere near it. Our ultimate noserider soon set the bar high in small mushy conditions. We knew we where on a winner.!! Being a wave magnet, skipping through flat sections and still capable of those big gouging cutbacks, soon grew its band of loyal followers who love its easy paddling and very capable performance abilities. The bottom shape has a parallel nose channel which gives amazing wave catching and reduces the apprenticeship of learning to ride the nose. This then goes into roll and v , which pushes the water out to the rail for smooth quick cutbacks. The rail has a 50/50 egg shape, this aides noseriding as the water spirals round it holding it in the wave face. Owning one of these is a pure joy and my all time favourite.

Price £295.00

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